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YuXin Little Magic 3x3x3 Cube


Magnetic version details

Magnetic version : Munemization (Cubenation Custom Magnetic)
Magnet Feel : Subtle click, Stable, Buttery smooth.

(51 customer reviews)

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Yuxin little magic is Yuxin’s attempt at being XiaoMi. Because, this budget speed cube is a flagship killer. It performs like one of the top cubes in the market at a unprecedented price.

Price doesn’t define quality and this cube definitely proves it. It as a great cube for both beginners and pro cubers. It’s silky smoothness makes it one of the fastest cubes. With proper tensioning it can be stabilized and become the ultimate cube. YuXin Little Magic 3×3×3 has been purchased from our shop for 275 times last year alone,making it the best seller of 2018. Customers have shown satisfaction after using it and suggest it to everyone. Performance of this cube is spectacular. With proper setup it becomes fast but stable, hardly locks and pops during solves. Many speedcubers have chosen this cube to be their main cube.

51 reviews for YuXin Little Magic 3x3x3 Cube

  1. Anonno (verified owner)

    It is an awesome cube. Out of the box it feels great. It doesn’t feel like its cheap. Its performance is like a premium.

  2. Anonno (verified owner)

    Its an awesome cube. Its performance is great. Cubenation is the best website to buy cubes.

  3. Ahnaf Afsah Asid

    awesome.. thnx for the sale


    Best budget cube!.. It feels like a 1200+ TK cube though it’s only 450 TK!

  5. mdsoad01

    Perfect cube.Just love it.If anyones budget is low then he/she can buy is awesome.

  6. Saminazad12

    One of the best budget cubes. The feeling of this cube is just awesome. One of the best cubes I’ve played with.

  7. Tamima Rahman


  8. Tamima Rahman


  9. Samiul Alom

    It’s better than the price. Smooth movements, better corner cutting.

  10. fardin

    i have heard a lot of good things about this cube so i decided to buy it and i was not dissapointed. this cube us insanely fast like a premium rubiks cube but it feels a bit light and flimsy so im a bit worried it that it might not last very long.but its a great cube

  11. Shafiq chowdhury

    This the god of budget cube have over 45 c.c and pretty smooth I love this cube but its too flexy

  12. Nazib (verified owner)

    Its better than gan 356 r and thunderclap.
    its also better than the mf3rs..i have all the cube s written above but the best one is yuxin little magic..

  13. shakil siddique (verified owner)

    An awesome cube at this price range. I believe spending this much money behind this cube was totally worth it. Being a cube guy you should have this one at your must buy list.The movement of the pieces are butter smooth and feels like you are handling a pro one.So I suggest all those who are swinging in between decisions or totally unware of what to buy you just close your eyes and definitely go for this one. I tell you, you will not be disappointed.

  14. zubayer

    vry nice i heard but i dont know how to buy

  15. Mehrab

    This cube is the greatest cube as it’s budget… if someone wants to start cubing with a low budget good cube, it will be best

  16. mirajashif (verified owner)

    Best budget Cube..

  17. Tofael Ahmed Akib

    That’s a great cube with cheap price
    i love it’s performance and it’s my main bld cube right now ❤

  18. Abdullah (verified owner)

    Best cube for beginners. Price doesn’t define it’s quality.Price is very cheap comparison to quality.e

  19. dr.azizhaque

    One of the best cubes I have experience. But, it’s too flexible!

  20. Iftakharul Islam (verified owner)

    This an awesome cube. I think this is the best budget cube in the market. I’ve magnetized it at home and it performs really very well. 🙂

  21. mituljoarder (verified owner)

    The cube is awesome .. totally worth it’s price .. Smooth and fast.. Great one for speedcubing

  22. Ohee

    I love this cube.

  23. rahman.tanjilur

    Best budget cube yet in the store. The cube is amazing. It feels very light and the turning is very smooth. Huge thanks to CubeNation for selling this great cube and deliver it within one day.

  24. Nagib Hassan (verified owner)

    This cube is pretty awesome. First impression is quite light, smooth and has a snapy corner cutting. Overall good but it’s a little bit unstable cause while turning this cube it overshoots sometimes. Specially while performing pll and oll algorithms. Yuxin little magic m has solved this problem maybe.

  25. arit32045

    Its fine but when I got it,it was a bit dirty and was looking like it was really old

  26. Nahid

    Cube kamon hoba

  27. Speed

    One of the best cubes.
    When you put lube in it…it’s like lightning!!

  28. Speed

    One of the best cubes.
    When you put lube on it…it’s like lightning!!

  29. nazmus896

    Just got it in my hand.i am really impressed with it.smooth and speedy.

  30. DarkFire291 (verified owner)

    It feels great out of the box. It was a little too tight. If youput some traxxas 30k and moyulue v2, it will be a boss.

  31. ovisaha2019 (verified owner)

    If you’re beginner,nothing is good than it.Many international cuber recommends this cube.Very good,smooth and fast.Specialy I enjoy turning of this cube than GAN.

  32. Montasir

    Just awesome. It runs smooth. Its corner cuts too

    After all great cube

  33. Montasir

    Awesome cube.
    My first online cube
    It runs really smooth
    Thanks YuXin

  34. jannatul.adon000

    Which magnet used in the magnetic version of it?

  35. Sadeeb

    Yuxin little magic is a great cube very buttery smooth……. Looking at these reviews , it just blew my mind away…….. When I ordered it nothing was wrong …….best cube I’ve ever felt so far ………. Yuxin never seems to disappoint us with their low price as well as cube nation ……….. A great cube for speed cubers as well as biggeners ………. I recommend every one to buy this ………….. best cube !

  36. mahabubreza4

    This is amazing. The cube is very smooth. You can use this for speed curbing. I love it. Clean and smooth out of the box. And sorry for my bad English.

  37. nakibahmed4835


  38. Ovi saha (verified owner)

    Very nice cube.If you don’t have enough budget for buying a gan ,then you should buy it.its performance is almost like a gan.By the way I am sub 15 with the magnetic version.

  39. Eric (verified owner)

    So does that mean, Yuxin little magic magnetic version is 399 only???? ???

  40. muntasirranamashfi (verified owner)

    One of the best cube I ever saw!!!!Thanks cubenation….

  41. Proteev (verified owner)

    i love the cube but the main problem is it says their is magnets bit there is no magnets i got ripped of

    • Sub-1 (verified owner)

      could you share your order number?

  42. hosabor743

    do you have the stickered version?

  43. Lutfa

    I will buy the cube now

  44. SAmin

    Best. Is best…superb

  45. Nejarat (verified owner)

    Good cube the most important thing number given down

    Corner cutting :10/10

    Reverse corner cutting :9/10

    Shades : 10/10

    Feel : flimsy

    Speed :8/10

  46. Mehedi Hasan

    Awesome cube as shown as pic.

  47. Labib Yasar (verified owner)

    Best budget cube.It is super smooth and fast.

  48. Arsal

    Best budget cube.

  49. nahianmashrafee (verified owner)

    A great cube considering that it’s not magnetic

  50. abdlkhan200213 (verified owner)

    My first speedcube. Got this and now magnetized it with my own hands. Worth it

  51. abdlkhan200213 (verified owner)

    Ive ordered two ylm and great in this value

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