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YJ Yulong 3×3 V2 M

(12 customer reviews)

৳  599


12 reviews for YJ Yulong 3×3 V2 M

  1. Bapex

    The best budget magnetic cube in the market

    Recomended to everyone

  2. alamin

    amar basa adamdighi ami ki kinte parbo??

  3. shehran.salam

    This cube is perfect if you want upgrade to a magnetic cube from a cube like the Little Magic. It is presumably better than the Yuxin Kylin V2 M. It’s smooth and the magnets are just right. The shades are also pretty good. But it does need tighter tensions if you are a aggressive turner like me because I found myself overshooting a lot when I first got it. But it was amazing when I fixed the tensions and is my new main for now.

  4. debojotisoumya (verified owner)

    Best magnetic cube at this cheap price

  5. a cuber

    its a perfect cube in low has a crispy feeling that i liked much.if you want a MAGNETIC CUBE in low budget,i will be the best.its corner cutting isn’t great but i didn’t prefer that while solving.speed stability is low budget M CUBE yj has is quite same to mf3rs2 m .but main diference is it is snappy.

  6. abdurrobuzzal (verified owner)

    A perfect cube for ruff turners and beginners’.It’s overshoot on fast turning but if your smooth turner then it won’t overshoot.
    Suggested for everyone.

  7. xbirja1234

    awesome cube in best budget.smooth and excellent corner cuttings

  8. Shahriar

    When will this product will be available

  9. Shahriar

    When this product will be available

  10. Muntasirul Hoque

    awesome cube in best budget, its really too fast, smooth ant its corner cuttings are really excellent.

  11. Kazi Naznin Sultana (verified owner)

    Magnets are essential & you cannot notice them while speed-solving.

  12. samrichards019

    Is the black color available?

    • Sub-1

      Only stickerless

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