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The Valk 3 is one of the most-anticipated cubes of the year. Personally endorsed and used by renowned speedcuber Mats Valk himself, the Valk 3 has been touted as the premier speedcube from popular cube manufacturer QiYi/MoFangGe.

The Valk 3 features high-quality vinyl stickers that are just 0.13mm thick in the QiYi Half-Bright Color scheme.

The Valk 3 packaging includes an exclusive gift from QiYi, the Valk 3 cube, an exclusive card, and various pamphlets of Mats Valk with links to his demo videos of the Valk 3 (the manufacturer previously stated that a bag was included, but it appears that this was a translation error).

4 reviews for The Valk 3

  1. Tazreean Shahariyr (verified owner)

    As a hater of the Meiying and Yuexiao I was planning to get the gts2 over this. But after trying it at a competition, I finally decided to get it. This cube was “Meh” out of the box. It flowed well but it was SLOW. I expected it to be fast but it was quiet slow and was fully covered in lube. After doing 300 solves on it it started to grow on me. I really liked the soft, mushy feel. And also there were spring noise in all 6 sides which was disappointing considering that this is a expensive speed cube. After lubing this with weight 5 from the cubicle, the Valk has a controllable, soft and crunchy feel.This cube has full corner cutting and it doesn’t catch much. As a roux solver, M-slices are important for me and this cube has very nice M-slices. So should you get this? Well, honestly if want a cube only for performance, don’t get this. Get the Yuxin little magic. It has a similar performance to this and it is less than half the price. But if you want the best from the best, don’t hesitate to get this. Trust me you won’t regret it. Also this cube has the best stickerless shades possible on a cube.

    I forgot to mention a thing. This cube has a reputation of fragility. But I haven’t experienced anything like that.

    So I think that this cube is still the best non-magnetic cube, even after a year from its release. I prefer it over the weilong gts2 and yuxiao pro. But if you have a bit more money to spend, go and get the gts 2m or the gan air sm. Thanks for reading the review.

  2. Aastayeen Ahammad

    This definitely is one of the best speed cubes in the market. it has this beautifully crunchy feeling to it which seems really really cool. It’s corner cutting is extremely awesome and it is superb!

  3. Hasin Ahmed

    Using it!
    It’s awesome crunchy feeling but if you lube it it feels buttery smooth! and the corner cutting is way better than other cubes. At present Valk 3 is my main and i get a average of 15.56 seconds!

    If you not already sub 20 or 15 don’t buy this. This is for another lvl of cubers. It’s superb for me. But if not sub 15 or 20 i recommend you MF3rs2 & Yuxin Little Magic.


  4. salahuddin1541 (verified owner)

    Cubing with it!
    It’s great! Since it came lubed, it was a really good feeling. It is real upgrade from a budget cube to a premium cube. And since I used to cube with the Yuxin Little Magic, it’s real upgrade. Though it’s a bit unstable, I got used to it.

    Since I’m a beginner inin CFOP, I’m a bit slow. With the Yuxin, I got an average of 45 secs. But with this, I got a 34 straight away.

    It’s great.

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