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QiYi Warrior W 3x3x3

(5 customer reviews)

৳  349

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QiYi Warrior W 3x3x3

5 reviews for QiYi Warrior W 3x3x3

  1. Imn nabil

    Pretty decent for beginners, even some sub 30 solvers could prefer this. It’s stable,fast, have a boxy feeling compared to weilong, little magic. Feels soft inside while turning, some may find it uncontrollable. Corner cutting is nearly 45° and reverse is around 20° after tensioning. Works better with traxxas 50k & 1 drop of GAN standard lube .

  2. alaminp.shoron

    I don’t how to give a review. But I just received this one and fall in love with QIWI Warrior W. It’s my 3rd cube.

  3. Tariqul

    A great cube for beginners.Better than cheap diansheng cubes.It turns easily and does not get stuck.Recommend to use it with some lube.

  4. piashpaul100

    it’s okay, it’s fast, but it has a weird feeling, i’d suggest to get a mf3rs instead of this one. mf3rs is a bit slower but more controllable and fun.

  5. Iftakharul Islam (verified owner)

    This Cube is good. It’s turning is more of a sandy type. Beginner to sub-25 solvers can easily use these cube. But Yuxin Little Magic is more better than this. Although it worths its price. 🙂

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