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Qiyi 3×3 Mirror

(11 customer reviews)

৳  299


Qiyi 3×3 Mirror

11 reviews for Qiyi 3×3 Mirror


    Very good mirror cube for its price point

  2. Rifat Sakib (verified owner)

    Very good cube in this budget.It feels very comfortable.

  3. Rifat Sakib (verified owner)

    Great cube in this budget.It feels very comfortable.

  4. Rifat Sakib (verified owner)

    It feels so smooth than other cubes in this budget.I’m satisfied with this.

  5. Rifat Sakib (verified owner)


  6. shehran.salam

    The cube is super smooth and quiet! I got the gold one and I love it! Honestly any one of the color options will be good but gold would look super cool with the black interior of the cube. The price is also really good but not much of a fan of the brushed texture, even though you won’t really notice, I would’ve preferred a smooth shiny mirror texture.

  7. 01912926123a

    best for budget

  8. samiraewu20

    As the silver one is stock out so i get the golden one but i love it ? because it made my mom laugh… She is actually happy to see this kind of cube & asking when am i gonna solve that. Highly recommend this one because of the budget.

  9. Arsal

    Good cube for it’s budget.

  10. abdurrafi49 (verified owner)

    It’s the best cube in budget I think and I really liked the silver glazy look and it also functions very well

  11. abdurrafi49 (verified owner)

    This is a very nice cube. Loved it. It moves just fine. It’s disadvantage is it doesn’t corner cut much.

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