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50 Piece magnets

N35 = Light force N48 = Heavy force 5×1 – For Huanglong 5×2 – For Thick internals(Weilong GTS, Valk power) 4×2 – For medium thick cube internals(Such as Valk 3) 4×1.5 – For thin internals. 3×1.5 – For big cube internals

(32 customer reviews)

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32 reviews for 50 Piece magnets

  1. Dr.Humayra

    it is super useful

  2. Chy Zubayer BZ

    I want to order this. but have no option, why?

  3. Chy Zubayer BZ

    I want to buy this, but why it isn’t available. what is meant by that? please fix it.

    • Illusion

      it would be updated to available when it is available.

  4. saimum392

    can i get n35 4*2mm magnets??

  5. Daian Mohammad

    Gan 356 R er jonno Kon type er lgbe?

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  6. Asad Mahmud

    I have got the 5×1 50 piece magnets, but don’t know about its strength. It is not that much comfortable while turning. Hoping to get more strong magnets than before. My cube is GAN 356 air Master (2019 edition).

  7. Shehran

    What’s the best magnet for the little magic?

    • Sub-1

      4×2 or 5×1 N48

  8. sayedalshayan705888

    Do you have n42 or lighter magnets?

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  9. Abir Mahmud Ratul

    MoYu Meilong 3×3 er jonno konta perfect hobe ?

  10. MB Surihd

    can i get a 24 piece set?

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  11. Adib Islam Tubo

    Yuxin little magic er jonno kon magnet nibo?

  12. abeedhossain

    I need 4×2 N48

  13. Mahbuba Khanom

    What’s for Mofangjiaoshi mf3?


    What is the work of this magnets?
    Please somone answere!

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  15. Irtisum

    Mf3rs3 r jonno konta lagbe

  16. Irtisum

    Mf3rs3 ar jonno kon sizer magnet lagbe

  17. Sarthak

    Which magnet is needed for meilong magic cube 3*3

  18. mdalrakibulhasan2005

    Vai n48 4.2 seize nai?

  19. Rubayet

    Moyu Meilong 3 er jonno kon magnet valo hobe??

  20. nowshad

    rs3 er jonno konta hobe??

  21. Debaghya Chatterjee

    What is the best magnet for yuxin little magic?

  22. H R ROOP

    what size magnet woukd it require to magnetize a mfg meilong 3by3?

  23. Potato

    What’s the best for Meilong Cubing Classroom 3×3 , I want 4x2mm n48 but out of stock so is 3×1.5mm n48 ok?

  24. Potato

    What’s the best for Meilong cubing classroom 3×3?

  25. Tawsif Ash Sami

    It’s super useful.Cube can be turn faster.if we over shoot cube it can be perfectly lined by magnets.

  26. Anindo Mondal

    When will n48 4*2mm magnets be available

    • Sub-1

      after the pandemic ends.

  27. M.J.Mahib

    gan356r er jonno 4*1.5 nile hobe na?

  28. muntasirulhoque1

    qiyi ms magnetic 3*3 er jonno konta lagbe??

  29. muntasirulhoque1

    yulong v2 m er size koto

  30. Rishima Anjum Risha

    when will it be availabl? Please answer.

    • Sub-1

      15th November 2020

  31. abdurrafi49

    When will it be available??

  32. mushfiqurrahmanniloy

    Which Magnet Size Should I Choose To Add In The “Moyu RS3M 2020”?Kindly Answer ?

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