The Beginning of CubeNation

the beginning
A cubeshop started on August 2016, by an agonized Cuber who wanted a cubing related shop, that could give him the necessary specs that he needed at an understandable price. So he started a shop.-How it all started   It started with Zero-Investment(allegedly) by taking pre-orders from the customers. Like most of the startups, it failed miserably on it’s first attempt. The calculation for the shipment and custom tax was dangerously wrong.  The very first shipment  He had to bear a loss of 50k and suddenly, he was at a very bad position. He thought of going rogue too. Luckily, his mother was very helpful and gave him 50k and expected him to quit the shop once he clears his dues to his...

The Top Seller of 2018

Product name: YuXin Little Magic 3×3×3Price: 450 BDTColors: Black, White, StickerlessPrice doesn't define quality and this cube definitely proves it. It is a great cube for both beginners and pro cubers. Its silky smoothness makes it one of the fastest cubes. With proper tensioning, it can be stabilized and become the ultimate cube.YuXin Little Magic 3×3×3  has been purchased from our shop for 275 times last year alone, making it the best seller of 2018.  Customers have shown satisfaction after using it and suggest it to everyone.The performance of this cube is spectacular. With proper setup it becomes fast but stable, hardly locks, and pops during solves. Several speedcubers have chosen this cube to be their main cube.At only 450 BDT one can purchase this amazing cube. We highly suggest this cube for...

কোন কিউব কিনব? কেন? | Which Cube to buy & why?

which cube to buy?
[ অক্টোবর, ২০২০ এর বাজারের উদ্দেশ্যে লেখা, আগামি মাসে আপডেট হবে]বর্তমানে বাজারে অনেক অনেক ব্র্যান্ডের হরেক রকমের বিভিন্ন দামের কিউব পাওয়া যায়। প্রো-কিউবাররাই অনেকে ঠিক মত বুঝে না কোনটা ভাল হবে, নতুনদের কথা তো বাদই দিলাম। তাই ভাবলাম একটা নোট করে ফেলা যাক।[এখানে আমি দাম যা উল্লেখ করব, তা এই পোস্ট লেখার সময়ের দাম। অন্য দোকানে...

Interview of a Cuber [ Taosif Amin Sahil ]

Name: Taosif Amin Sahil Father's Name: Mahbub Alam Mother's Name: Sufia Begum School : Ideal School & College# The first question, Do you solve cubes all day long? => No. I used to spend 1.5-2 hours daily but nowadays I spend roughly one hour.# So how did this journey start? => It was around late 2015, I went to my cousin's house and found a Rubik's cube there. I asked him if he could solve it and he said that he could. I was really impressed by it and wanted to learn it as well. So when I came back home with the help of YouTube tutorials I solved it for the first time.# What was your motivation back then? I mean why did you put so much effort into cubing? => I just enjoyed it to be honest: "3 It was just for time pass, I never had any goals.# How come your improvement rate is so good? => I Don't know. I just...

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