CubeNation Exchange

CubeNation Exchange

Got used cubes that you can’t sell?
Well, you are at the right place.

We will take your used cube for up to 60% of retail price of our store.

30% – Cube in good shape(e.g. turns alright, no damage internally)
10% – Stickers are in Good shape. For stickerless, Minor scratches or none.
4% – Given Box available
4% – Accessories(GES or similar stuff[excluding wrap/pamphlet]) [if none, 8% for Box]
1% – plastic wrap
1% – pamphlet
10% – CN special marking based on usability(Might get better points if the cube is hand-magnetized and works nicely too)
-60% – White cube/Primary cube[Basically, no white/primary cube allowed. Sorry BCF WinnersĀ Ā ]

How to apply?
Fill this form and inbox us your email ID(if we don’t response within 24 hours)

We will send you the designated price for it after inspection. If you wanna proceed, you would then have to send the cube over to us at our office address at Pallabi 2nd phase.
We would receive and do a final inspection. If it’s as you stated, We would pay you the amount in CubeNation Store Credit(CNC) which you can redeem at our store to purchase something.
If it’s not as stated, we would return it back to you(Shipping paid by customer, if any)

NB: Shipping cost to hand it over to us has to be carried by the customer/seller. But, if you have placed an order with us that’s going to be delivered soon, we can have it picked up with the delivery of the order. Just send us the order number.

This is only directed to people who have excess cubes and want to sell them. Not for those who want to sell cubes to get some hefty cash to purchase other items. We like chaining people to cubing. Because,

Cubing is love, Cubing is life.

Happy Cubing!

Terms and conditions

  1. Prices given in the inspection period are tentative and are subject to change after final physical inspection.
  2. Cubenation holds the right to cancel any exchange without prior notice.
  3. Cubenation may deny an exchange without referring any reasons.
  4. CNC is given in the form of Gift card system. You can share it with others. Cubenation wouldn’t be responsible for fraudulent activities caused by sharing.