Interview of a Cuber [ Taosif Amin Sahil ]

Name : Taosif Amin Sahil Father's Name : Mahbub Alam Mother's Name : Sufia Begum School : Ideal School & College # The first question, Do you solve cubes all day long? => No. I used to spend 1.5-2 hours daily but nowadays i spend roughly one hour. # So how did this journey start? => It was around late 2015, I went to my cousin's house and found a Rubik's cube there. I asked him if he could solve it and he said that he could. I was really impressed by it and wanted to learn it as well.So when I came back home with the help of YouTube tutorials I solved it for the first time. # What was your motivation back then? I mean why did you put so much effort into cubing? => I just enjoyed it to be honest :"3 It was just for time pass, i never had any goals. # How come your improvement rate is so good? => I Don't know . I...

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